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Sri Lankan watermelon juice recipe

Sri Lankan watermelon juice recipe

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The trip to Sri Lanka was an opportunity to learn many new things about the "pearl" of the Indian Ocean, about the Buddhist and Hindu religions, about the troubled history of the island, but also about the extraordinary local cuisine.
Everywhere we were greeted with a special hospitality.
At each hotel where we stayed we were greeted by getting out of the car, our luggage and passports were taken and we were invited to the lobby, where all guests are served with traditional fruit juices.
On a stroller decorated with orchids you get coconut water, fresh pineapple juices, papaya, watermelon, melon, manga, wood apple (or elephant apple or monkey fruit; it is an extraordinarily fragrant juice), and much more.
Coconut water is a colorless drink and represents the juice inside the coconut when it is still harvested green. aromatic and pleasant to the taste. Recently it is promoted as an energy drink, due to the high content of potassium and minerals.
The area is very warm, the lobby is open to the ocean and you can enjoy your soft drink while intoxicating your soul with the wonderful sunset in the Indian Ocean, accompanied by the music of the waves.
Then your passports are returned and you are led to the room by wonderful girls, dressed in traditional jumpsuits.

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